Increasing Website Sales with 5 Best Practices

What experience do you want your online customers to have? How can you ensure that their positive experience translates into engagement and sales? Here are 5 best practices to help optimize your wineries’ website by turning it into a powerful sales and marketing platform:


In 2019 your website must have responsive and intuitive design features for easy navigation on desktop, mobile, and tablet devices. There’s just no way around it! Use this free tool by QuirkTools to quickly test your website’s response to various screen sizes. If your site is not responsive, you can either make programming changes to your current website or use the opportunity to create a new mobile-friendly website.


Aim for the highest quality content you can produce, whether through text, images, or video. Quality content is content that is original, relevant, informative, helpful, and entertaining or engaging. To drive more visitors to your website and better convert them to customers, your content should use clear, concise, accessible language that is easily understood by customers & search engines alike.


Each of your website’s pages should serve a unique purpose and guide visitors to perform a desired action (e.g. inquire, register, or buy). Use clear calls-to-action to keep your customers on the right path as they navigate your website. Good calls-to-action will stand out, positively grabbing your visitors’ attention and leading them towards the desired conversion action.


Removing distracting elements from your web pages will naturally yield more sales and conversions on your website. Popup banners, image slideshows, irrelevant content, and links to other websites are common distractions that draw a customer’s attention away from what’s important. Keep your web pages simple, intuitive, and focused on their #1 goal.


The beauty of web marketing is you can track results from all your marketing efforts. No other form of marketing can make that claim! Whether you’re driving website traffic from social media, email marketing, or paid placement, tracking & analyzing your data and conversions helps you understand what is working and what isn’t. Using free tracking tools such as Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools, you are equipped to measure the effectiveness of your website as a marketing and sales platform. Then you can fine-tune your activity for maximum effect!

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