email marketing for wineries: 5 key principles

Email Marketing for Wineries: Getting Better Results

Email marketing can be a very powerful way for wineries to engage and drive sales from existing customers. In this post, we willdiscuss 5 key principles of email marketing for wineries to get better results!


Mailing list segmentation allows wineries to send highly-targeted emails by dividing their list up into smaller lists, or “segments”. Segmentation can be done in many different ways (i.e. by location, customer type, past ordering preference, etc.) and naturally yields better results than unfocused messages to a larger, broad group.


We all receive so many promotional emails from all types of businesses we follow more or less closely. So, how can your winery stand out from the crowd and constantly increase your readers’ engagement? By creating and sending high-quality content exclusively; content that is relevant, informative, diverse, entertaining… in other words, valuable. Getting your readers used to receiving great content from you will directly increase your open rates, click-through rates, and direct sales.


Your readers have certain expectations with the presentation of your emails. They should be mobile-friendly, attractive, fun to read, error-free and grammatically correct. Use the data you’ve collected from previous email marketing campaigns to determine if your emails are engaging and to improve from one to the next.


“Shop now”, “Sign up today”, “Buy tickets”… After you’ve decided what action you want your readers to take, don’t forget to ask them! Adding strong calls to action to your emails will greatly improve your email marketing results. You can easily strengthen your calls to action using distinctive formatting, compelling language, and strategic placements.


A/B testing consists in sending two versions of an email to see which one performs better. Elements you can A/B test include email subject line, call to action, headlines, images… Using the data from your email marketing platform in addition to the data from your website (we use Google Analytics), draw conclusions from each campaign to continually improve. A/B test one variant at a time to get significant and valuable data.

Use these 5 key principles of email marketing as you prepare your winery’s next email campaign and let us know how it goes! If you have any questions, you can use the comments section below or reach us via email contact@newtimermarketing.com and phone +1 (424) 272-1169. Cheers!

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