Direct-To-Consumer Wine Sales: 3 Digital Marketing Tips For Wineries

Driving direct-to-consumer wine sales with your website


With wine consumers finding their favorite brands via word of mouth, search engine searches, social media, etc., it is becoming imperative for competitive wineries to have a high performing e-commerce website; one that gets lots of visits from prospective customers and converts this web traffic to revenue.

There are many practices designed to increase the performance of your website and consequently to improve your winery's customer acquisition. Whether you choose to invest time or cash in services like Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or Conversion Rate Optimization, your direct-to-consumer wine sales will go up using a strategic mix of Internet marketing practices.


With technology taking on major roles in our daily lives, wine consumers have grown more educated and responsive to newer marketing practices. As a consequence, wineries must adapt and adjust how they sell their wines and offers (tastings, wine club memberships, etc.). Using strategic web marketing practices, wineries can better reach and connect with prospective customers to grow direct-to-consumer wine sales:

SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO): Increase your online visibility and rankings in search engine result pages
EMAIL MARKETING: Develop great content for web visitors and search engines to promote your brand and offers
CONVERSION RATE OPTIMIZATION: Enhance the marketing and sales power of your website improving User Experience
ONLINE ADVERTISING: Promote your wines and offers with highly-targeted ad campaigns on Google and social media
SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING: Take customer relationships to the next level with carefully crafted social media campaigns


Offering superior customer experience is absolutely key in driving your direct-to-consumer wine sales. Making it easy for wine lovers to find your brand, to order bottles through your website, to get your winery information on the web, to join one of your wine clubs, etc. are growing online marketing challenges for competitive wineries. When it comes to online customer experience, which we specialize in, it can be improved by using a customized and strategic mix of Internet marketing practices.

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